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Protection of the DNS by WAVEEX proved

New expert opinion shows the positive effect of WAVEEX on cell metabolism

When using WAVEEX no additional DNA double stress fractures occurred and the oxidative stress level in the cells significantly normalized. Further, WAVEEX caused a decrease in embryotoxicity

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Landmark Italian Court Ruling Recognizes Causal Link Between Cellphone Use And Brain Tumor

Article on the Environmental Health Trust Webpage

The Italian Court of Ivrea rules telecom employee to be paid lifetimes damages for brain tumor developed after heavy cell phone use.

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10 screen-time tips for mobile devices

Published by Digital Awareness UK

10 screen-time tips from Digital Awareness UK Refrain from using screens 90 minutes before bedtime Turn off notifications, or activate "do not disturb", "aeroplane mode" or mute settings. Turn the phone off altogether if you can Reduce blue light exposure, which can disrupt sleep. For example, most Apple devices have the "night shift mode", which [...]

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Do you know how often teenagers are checking their phones in night?

Almost half (45%) of young people are checking their mobile phones after they have gone to bed, a poll suggests.

A survey of 2,750 11- to 18-year-olds found one in 10 admitted checking their mobile phones for notifications at least 10 times a night. The poll was carried out by Digital Awareness UK and the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference.

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Apple warns against mobile phone radiation.

Headline of an article of Prof. Buchner from 08.12.2016

A dramatic shift in the evaluation of the dangers resulting from mobile phone radiation.

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5 reasons why your kids shouldn’t sleep near their cell phones

Of course, setting screen time limits is easier said than done. But since research suggests nighttime can be a particularly detrimental time for kids to use devices, placing parameters around tech use near bedtime is a good place to start.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police summoned on Wi-Fi threat

The RCMP also known as the "Force" and the "Mounties" are worldwide famed as "rescuers" and titans of justice has been summoned by Capt. Jerry Flynn to rescue Canada from radiation pollution.

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School Boards Left On The Hook For Wi-Fi Injuries

School officials could be personally liable for exposing children and staff to microwave radiation in our schools.

School districts, school boards and school medical health officers have been notified that Lloyd’s of London has now excluded any liability coverage for injuries, “directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.” This would include the microwave radiation emitting from the commercial wi-fi transmitters and wireless devices in our schools.

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The "evidence is clear" - cell phone radiation causes brain cancer, scientists conclude

Pediatric Academy Society Meeting, April 30 - May 3 2016 | Baltimore MD

The question of whether cell phones cause brain cancer has been definitively settled, doctors and scientists from around the country warned recently at a pediatric conference in Baltimore.

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Do you know about the protection of origin of WAVEEX?

So you can be sure that it is a real WAVEEX!

WAVEEX - Permanent protection against mobile phone radiation. Works on ALL mobile devices: mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, cordless phone, laptop, wireless router, etc.

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New study about the question: Habits of cell phone usage and sperm quality – does it warrant attention?

University of Haifa, Israel

A study by the University of Haifa confirms what doctors have long suspected: The electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can harm male fertility. Martha Dirnfeld, Professor at the Medical Center of the University of Technology in Haifa, summarizes the results of the study as follows: "We have found three usage patterns of the mobile phone, which led to a significant decrease in sperm count in men. These are men, who use or load the phone close to their body or wear it close to the testicles. The number of their sperm was significantly less. "

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Hint: Selected Media Coverage about the International EMF Scientist Appeal

Get a detailed listing of selected links from the international press

Most of the links lead to English-language articles; but it can aösp be found articles in other languages!

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WAVEEX Press Release Mobile World Congress 2016

MWC 2016: WAVEEX technology for better tolerability of mobile devices for our bio-organism makes the breakthrough

The global awareness of potential negative long-term health effects from the use of mobile phones, tablet, wireless, etc. is rapidly increasing.

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Mercury Release from Dental Amalgam Restorations after Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Following Mobile Phone Use

Research Article under scialert.net

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), as an efficient medical diagnostic procedure, is increasingly used. During MRI patients are exposed to static and gradient magnetic fields as well as electromagnetic radiation in radiofrequency range ...

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What You Should Be Doing Now to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

This is in article from TOP10 Home Remedies

Get an overview about the impact of cell phones including a list of things you should be doing now to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

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We are attending the Mobile World Congress 2016

Visit us in Barcelona at the MWC, 22-25 February 2016

The Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest and most interesting gathering for the mobile industry.

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New study on the effect of magnetic field

Recent results from May to October 2015!

The existence of a low frequency magnetic field when using mobile devices is confirmed. What is the influence of electromagnetic radiation on human tissue?

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International EMF Scientist Appeal

Scientists call for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure

Here you get some more information ... .

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Debit and credit cards remain intact with WAVEEX

Now it is possible to carry your mobile phone and your non-cash payments together

Debit and credit cards have a magnetic strip on which data is stored that identifies the cardholder. If this magnetic track is damaged by strong magnetic fields, kinks or scratches, the card is mostly useless. If you have WAVEEX on the mobile device, this does not happen.

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WAVEEX attending the Mobile World Congress

The MWC is the most attractive and important event in the mobile branche

This year the Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona, Spain from 2th till 5th of March.

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